Message from PAOC’s Board of Directors

Update from PAOC’s Board of Directors (6-25-21)

Important changes are underway in PAOC operations.

Since its inception, PAOC’s mission has been to support therapeutic programs beneficial to people with Parkinson’s disease and their support partners residing in Orange County, CA.  PAOC has maintained its status as a 501(c)(3) entity, under which fully tax-deductible donations are received for the purpose of maintaining and advancing those therapeutic programs.

Happily, over the past five years, both of PAOC’s supported programs – Tremble Clefs and PEP4U – have grown dramatically.  Each program, under the direction of a steering committee, has developed robust administrative capabilities and expanded the scope of exercises provided.  A third activity – Tai Chi – was introduced two years ago and has enjoyed a small but devoted group of followers.  Quite remarkably, all these programs of therapy continue to be offered free of charge.

This past January, the PAOC Board of Directors reviewed PAOC’s scope of operations and deliberated over the best way to ensure the continued vitality of its sponsored programs.  The Board determined that the time has come for each of its programs to establish itself as an independent non-profit corporation.  Those volunteers who have faithfully served PAOC’s administrative board will continue to serve in the future, giving their time and support to Tremble Clefs and PEP4U.

The process of applying for and receiving approval for independent 501(c)(3) status from the state of California and the federal government requires months of work.  Both TC and PEP4U have undertaken the work and a change of status is well underway.  PAOC itself continues to operate as the administrative entity, carrying out its responsibilities.  Donations made to PAOC, Tremble Clefs, and PEP4U continue to be received and accounted for just as they have been. Those donations remain fully tax-deductible.

At that future point in time when both TC and PEP4U receive final approval from the federal government and are granted tax-exempt status, all funds will be distributed to our programs and PAOC will dissolve.  It is anticipated that this will occur prior to the close of 2022.  The Board of Directors remains grateful for the support of PAOC and its programs.  Thank you to all who have contributed so much to fund our programs.