Message from PAOC’s Board

Update from PAOC’s Board of Directors (9-21-22)

Important changes are underway in PAOC operations.

Since its inception, PAOC’s mission has been to support therapeutic programs beneficial to people with Parkinson’s disease and their support partners residing in Orange County, CA.  PAOC has maintained its status as a 501(c)(3) entity, under which fully tax-deductible donations are received for the purpose of maintaining and advancing those therapeutic programs.

Happily, over the past five years, both of PAOC’s supported programs – Tremble Clefs and PEP4U – have grown dramatically.  We are pleased to announce that both The Orange County Tremble Clefs and PEP4U are now 501(c)(3) Public Charitable Organizations.  

Parkinson’s Association of Orange County congratulates these wonderful programs on their new nonprofit status and encourages you to visit their websites:

Orange County Tremble Clefs


Now that the programs that PAOC has supported are independent non-profit organizations, the Parkinson’s Association has made the decision to dissolve.  When the process is complete, all funds currently held by PAOC will be distributed to these two programs.  It is anticipated that this will occur prior to the close of 2022.  

To keep informed of resources and events in Orange County, CA., please visit

The Board of Directors remains grateful for the support of PAOC and its programs.  Thank you to all who have contributed so much to fund our programs.

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