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The PEP4U program has a mission which is to improve the Quality of Life for
those living with Parkinson’s Disease through Exercise, Education and Peer Support. Research has proved that exercise helps everyone’s health, attitude
and well-being. 

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 But, for people with Parkinson’s Disease, some studies have also shown  that exercise is essential in managing their disease.  Regular exercise is not only crucial for maintaining and improving mobility, flexibility, balance, and range of motion, but, according to numerous worldwide studies, in addition to helping with movement, studies currently being conducted are showing exercise can assist in slowing the progression of Parkinson’s Disease (PD).



PEP4U Support Group:

Every third Monday of the month following the Yoga class, facilitated by our own Yollie Mancino. All participants and care partners are encouraged to attend!
Educational Materials
Attached you will find two easy-read articles about PD motor symptoms from a recent PDN newsletter – thank you Ernie Atkins for always keeping us in the loop on new research being published!


  • Shopping at Ralphs or Amazon? Please remember to sign up to support PEP4U and PAOC! It only takes 2 minutes, and it’s free money for us, so we are able to keep our program running… see attached flyer for details.
  • Swipe your Silver Sneakers card every time you come to class! Even though YMCA membership is not required to participate in PEP4U classes, if you do have the card, please swipe it as you enter, so the YMCA will receive contributions. They have been supportive to us, let’s keep supporting them
New Support Group:
PEP4U is now offering a Support Group for all participants.  We meet once a month on the third Monday of the month following the Yoga class in the large gym at the Laguna Niguel YMCA . Group discussion will begin at 3:15 (approx.) when Yoga ends and will last for approximately 45 minutes. Various topics will be discussed. This is merely a get-to-know you gathering which will provide an avenue to discuss various topics, exchange ideas, feelings, opportunities, symptoms support and general mutual experiences. The group will follow the guidelines from the Parkinson’s Foundation Support Group manual and will be facilitated by Yollie Mancino.  Care partners and participants are encouraged to attend. All are welcome!

Pedaling for PD class off to a great start:
Our new Wednesday class will challenge your cardio-vascular system with supervised fast-paced cycling! Research shows many benefits for people with PD (article attached here for your reference). 
Medical release and heart rate monitor required, contact us for more information on how to register for this class.

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